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Teachers are at the heart of what we do! From start to finish, you play an important role in the development and refinement of our products, and we strive to make products that work in real classrooms, to reach all learners.

In appreciation for your investment in us, and your students, we’re offering an opportunity for you. If you would like the option to gain access to additional Interactive Cases to use with your students, we offer a referral program that allows you share our Interactive Cases with your friends (fellow teachers or supervisors), and rewards you for doing so.

Our Gift to You for Sharing our Resources with a Friend

When a teacher, you refer, purchases our products, you’ll receive an additional case for each class you teach. You can use this gift this year or next. Your choice!

In addition, if you arrange a meeting where we can demonstrate our Interactive Cases to your district supervisor, we’ll provide you with an additional 3-pack of cases, just for scheduling the meeting, whether they purchase or not. Again, you’ll be able to use the Interactive Cases this year or next.

We share your passion for education and we honor your dedication to teaching. We hope that by offering a referral program, together we can engage more students in science, so they can see themselves in a variety of exciting careers!

Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a requirement to referring someone?

Yes, you or your school must have previously purchased our Interactive Cases for your class or classes. However, the purchase does not have to be from this academic year. In addition, the teacher you refer has to be a new user who has never purchased the Interactive Cases before.

How will I get credit for the referral?

Each teacher will receive a referral code after making a purchase, that they can share with their friends. You can share your code with as many teachers as you wish. When they purchase they will give us your code so we know to give you credit for the cases.

Is there a limit on how many friends I may refer?

No, there is no limit as to how many friends you may refer and the amount of cases you can earn.

If I have 6 periods of Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology and/or Environmental Science classes, will I receive 1 additional Interactive Case for each class period I teach?

Yes, you will receive 1 Interactive Case to use with 6 class periods (and all the students in each class will have access to the additional Interactive Case).

If I have only purchased Interactive Cases in the past for my AP Biology Classes and I refer a friend will I only receive cases toward my AP Biology Classes?

No, you will receive one Interactive Case to use in all of the class periods you teach that include courses in Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology or Environmental Science.

If I only teach one class period of Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology or Environmental Science, will I only receive one Interactive Case for one class period?

You receive one Interactive Case for each class you teach of the above listed courses, but if you decide to save it for the following academic year and you have more class periods that year, you will receive 1 Interactive Case for any class period you teach that includes the course above.

Can I donate my referral cases to another teacher?

No, they are only allowed to be used by you or a co-teacher for the class periods you teach.

Can I refer the Interactive Cases to a teacher who is in another state?

Yes, your teacher referral can be at your school, another school, in your state, or any other state.

Can I use the referral cases for future academic years?

You can use the referral cases in the current academic year or the following academic year.

Do my friends have to purchase before I receive the credit?

Yes, once your friend has paid via PO, check, or credit card, you will be notified of your referral cases.

Can I receive money instead of cases for the referral?

No, the referral program is intended to give you more cases so that students can access more cases and help you address the most challenging concepts in your curriculum.

If I initiate a meeting with our district supervisor, does our District have to make a purchase for me to receive the 3-pack of Interactive Cases?

No, once you have scheduled and participated in a meeting that allows Cogent Education to present to the district contact, you’ll receive a 3-pack of Interactive Cases to use with a class of students.

Can I use the 3-pack of Interactive Cases the following year?

You can use the 3-pack referral cases in the current academic year or the following academic year.

For more questions regarding our Referral Program, please contact us or by phone at (877) 654-1001.