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Interactive CasesTM

Our Interactive CaseTM topics address the most challenging concepts in biology (based on the consensus of 135 high school biology teachers). Interactive CaseTM topics include: the nitrogen cycle, diffusion, osmosis, homeostasis (filtration), photosynthesis, cell respiration, membrane transport, membrane potential, action potentials, enzymes, meiosis, cell signaling, protein synthesis, evolution and synaptic transmission.

Class Subscription Options (3, 5, 10 or 15 Interactive Case Packages)
Part# 01CL03CASE 1 Class Subscription for (3) Interactive CasesTM per class $79.99
Part# 01CL05CASE 1 Class Subscription for (5) Interactive CasesTM per class $119.99
Part# 01CL10CASE 1 Class Subscription for (10) Interactive CasesTM per class $199.99
Part# 01CL15CASE 1 Class Subscription for (15) Interactive CasesTM per class $289.99
Part# 1DAYPROFDV One Day Face to Face Professional Development Workshop for up to 16 participants at your facility. $2500.00
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Sold as a Class Subscription

Our Interactive CasesTM are sold as an academic year class period subscription. A Class is defined as a single seating of up to 40 students during one time period. For example, an Intro Biology class that meets with 32 students from 9:30-10:30 would be considered a Class period. Teachers and students have unlimited access to each Interactive Cases that was purchased for their class for the entire Academic Year.

Flexible Options for Teachers

Our class subscriptions are flexible to meet the needs of all teachers and classroom models. We offer packages of 3, 5, 10 or 15 Interactive CasesTM. Teachers may customize the amount of Interactive CasesTM they want for each class period they teach. Course topics are selected after purchase. Feel free to contact an education sales or biology specialist to ask any questions prior to purchase.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Cases can be used on as many device as needed at school or at home. For install instructions for students and parents download the Getting Started Guide.

Funding Resources

RedRock Reports has aligned our Interactive CasesTM to state and federal funding sources. According to RedRock Reports, our Interactive Cases qualify for several funding options such as Title IA, Title IIA, and IDEA. Download the funding source pdfs below to determine how our Interactive Cases qualify.

Professional Development Workshops

Cogent Education's hands-on professional development workshops are carefully crafted to meet the needs of the school or district. Held onsite at the purchasing school or district’s site, this 1 day face-to-face workshop, for up to 16 participants, lasts 4-6 hours.

The professional development workshop will begin with a quick overview of all of the Interactive CasesTM available for the science teachers to utilize. Teachers will act as a student and dive into one of the Interactive CasesTM to understand the framework and design of each of the Interactive CasesTM. Teachers will also view the real-time formative assessment heatmap, which will populate as they progress through the Interactive Case. This will help them develop a rich understanding of this valuable tool that will enable them to see how their students are thinking, identify pain points for each student, and to intervene when needed.

Time will also be spent discussing and sharing models of implementation, research on the effects of the Interactive CasesTM on student learning, and matching the cases with the teacher’s curriculum and standards. Teachers will leave the workshop with goals and objectives for implementing the cases in their classes.

* Schools must allow 2-3 weeks notice for the Professional Development workshop to be delivered, and workshops are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Teachers should bring their curriculum plans to the workshop to discuss ways to integrate the Interactive CasesTM into their curricula. The software must be installed on the computers/devices prior to the workshop. Cogent Education can be contacted to assist with installation over the phone at 877-654-1001.


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