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Interactive Cases* are now available through ExploreLearning Gizmos subscription accounts.

Excluding Action Potential, Cell Signaling, Membrane Potential, Membrane Transport, and Synaptic Transmission.

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Science by Scientists

Scientists solve real-world problems, and students need to experience this first hand.

Each Interactive CaseTM provides a captivating scenario that effectively engages students in their learning.

Students play the role of a professional scientist tasked with solving a real world problem.

The embedded formative assessment tool allows teacher to see concepts or skills that individuals students may be struggling with and intervene immediately.

See how the built-in real time data system works:
SABLE - Real Time Data
"We love using your products and have found that they significantly improve student learning. Looking forward to trying new cases this school year!"
"I am a visual learner so I liked the way that it displayed all the images. I also liked how it keeps you intrigued and allows you to click different things to animate. Photosynthesis is definitely confusing but this simulation explained it clearly."
"I think that the animations within the simulation are beneficial to show things on a molecular level. The ability to revise my hypothesis as I gained more data and information was one of my favorite parts of the experiment."

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